Modinet ­ Center for Media and Democracy: A research network of Danish media and social scientist, analyzing media and democracy in transition.

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Media and Democracy

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*The Modinet research program ended in 2006. This website is no longer being updated.*

Changing media, changing democracy

Both national democracies and mass media have been changing fundamentally in recent decades. Two important sources of change are globalization and the internet. One of the key arenas has been the specific interplay between the media and the political process.

The aim of the Modinet research network is to describe and interpret this development by combining media studies and social sciences in new ways.

The network will present most of its findings during the fall of 2005. In the process, about 50 researchers will contribute to the understanding of mediated democracy. List of participating institutions.


This English version of the website presents a brief introduction to the five main themes being examined within the network. The site also includes links to relevant publications and activities, as well as contact information for the researchers involved in the project.